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FRONT & CENTRE is a non-profit founded in 2017, dedicated to promoting and expanding LGBTQA rights in Centre County, Pennsylvania. We engage communities throughout the central region which not only raise awareness of LGBTQA issues but also celebrate the diversity of love and identities found in our Commonwealth. Run by a Board of Directors, we also coordinate with local groups in order to directly empower the lives of activists, organizations, and everyday people in their own area. Although same-sex marriage is legal in the United States of America, we are committed to educating residents about issues, cultural and legal, which still remain.

Front & Centre ceased all operations as of 31 December 2018.

Front & Centre was made possible partly by a generous gift from the Centre LGBTQA Support Network.


We are only able to promote and expand LGBTQA rights because of the direct charitable contributions of those below. Thank you for your generosity.


Donald and Cynthia Hahn
Evan Myers
Jonathan Saidel

Commmonwealth Ally ($50-$99)
Hilary Barlow
Jesse Barlow
Eric Durante
Miranda Ford
Fred Kelleher
Amy Marshall
Charlie O'Neill
Amy & Michael Pipe

Friends of Front & Centre ($1-$49)
Jesse Barlow • Janet Engeman • Anne Grybowski • O’Neill Kennedy • Christopher Kowerdovich • Bobby Maggio • Larry Martinelli • Pamela Monk • Jason and Laura Moser • Ezra Nanes • Laura Reddington • Michelle Rodino-Colocino • Laura Shadle • Michael Straw • Teresa Welch

Organizations and corporations

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